An innovative language learning app that harnesses the power of videos and subtitles to help users master English.


How to learn English by watching videos

Get it done in just a few simple steps

Prepare materials

Find suitable videos based on your listening level and preferences
As learning materials

Watch video

Use the app to watch American dramas and learn English to watch your videos
Learning materials

Learn to your heart’s content

Use the subtitle playback controller to use slow playback and other functions
Learn speaking or practice listening with shadow reading

Core Features


Subtitle Playback Control

Easily navigate to specific moments in the video by selecting a subtitle from the list. This feature enables you to focus on specific dialogue lines and practice your listening skills through repetition.

Sentence Repeat Playback

Enhance your listening and speaking abilities by utilizing the subtitle repeat feature to practice individual dialogue lines. Perfect your pronunciation and mimic native speakers.

Vocabulary Filtering

The app automatically filters out unfamiliar words from subtitles and provides instant explanations. You can also add your own unfamiliar words from the subtitles.

Short Video Flashcard

Introducing the powerful short video flashcards feature! You can quickly add words, subtitles, or clips as short video flashcards. Learn English by swiping through flashcards just like short videos.

Subtitle Language Switching

Enjoy the flexibility of switching between different language subtitles, while watching videos. This feature allows you to practice your listening skills in different language contexts.

Subtitle Word Display

With a single tap, you can instantly view all the words in a subtitle along with their definitions and phonetic transcriptions, and listen to the standard pronunciation.

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